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Mold can be an issue after a home inspection. It can present an unsafe environment to live in and create a musty odor. Unpleasant odors from pets, smoking, and bacteria can deter home buyers.

Who is Bactronix?

Bactronix®  is a science based company that measures, kills and prevents bacteria, mold, viruses, fungi, odors and VOC’s from returning. The Two-Step Process is  applied electrostatically and ensures 100% coverage.

Bactronizing is “Green” and does not use toxic chemicals such as ammonias,  bleaches, peroxides or metal-based poisons such as silver or copper ions. The  process creates no harmful by-products or ozone arming VOC’s.


Mold • Mildew • Odors
Hidden Dangers in Your Home

Bactronix Sanitation Service
Bactronix offers top quality service at affordable pricing to accelerate the closure of a sale!

  • Rapid Response Program
  • Detailed Summary Report at NO CHARGE
  • Detailed Test Report (Bionomic Assessment Report) at NO CHARGE
  • EPA Registered -Non-Toxic Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Long-Term Protectant
  • Treatment of all surfaces including furniture
  • Testing Before & After Treatment

The Bactronizing Process is
Engineered to Fight Against the “Sick Home Syndrome”

The Bactronizing Seal of Certification Helps Both Buyer and Seller
The Bactronizing Process should be part of every home listing.  It will eliminate the “Biological Footprint” of the  previous habitants and provide a fresh start for the new home owner.  


Along with the normal inspection protocol of purchasing a home, the buyer will be completely confident knowing it has been treated with the Bactronizing Process.

Bactronix can issue a Certificate of Compliance and a
One Year Warranty on homes that have been treated for mold.


The professional realtor should advise the seller to Bactronize their home. Presenting a safer (ODOR FREE) certified home will shorten the selling process and bring a higher sale price.

As shown in the diagram below, bacteria, mold, mildew and odor problems can develop from pre-existing conditions in the home.

House Contaminate

Pet odors are part of the home’s “biological footprint.”  The Bactronizing Process eliminates pet odors and other  unpleasant smells that develop over time.  Our nanotechnology breaks down VOCs, providing a safer and fresher smelling home environment.


The Bactrnoizing Process - Mold Mildew Viruse do not stand a chanceThis is a title of an imageHouse ResolutionHomes with pets reduce odor and bacteria

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