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BactroKill is an EPA registered antimicrobial spray disinfectant. Specifically formulated for residential use and can be applied on any surface. BactroKill is eco responsible for your family, pets and environment.   See label for additional information and usage.  

P3-Personal Protection Power 3 oz makes BactroKill easy to travel with! TSA approved and perfect size for any purse or travel bag.

Use BactroKill is disinfect against viruses and bacteria such as, Swine Flu (H1N1), Bird Flu H5N1(Avian), MRSA (Staph), HIV, Salmonella, Canine Parvo Virus and many more.  BactroKill is highly effective in eliminating mold and mold spores.  To disinfect against Coronavirus follow the manufacturer’s directions for use for Canine Parvo Virus.  Bactronix disinfectants are featured on the EPA N List.

41 reviews for BactroKill

  1. Jack Welsch

    My wife and I use the BactroKill when we go to the cinema or when we travel. We spray the top part of the cinema seat, the seat, table and arm rests in the airplane and all contact points in the hotel room.
    We have not gotting sick since we are using P 3 BactroKill.

  2. Nancy Carr

    This is a good product to kill mold. I had mold in my shower, sprayed this BactroKill a few times on the mold spots and it is completely gone.

  3. Dave Simpson

    Last week I bought the germ killer from Bactronix at Charlie Brown airport parking.I sprayed it on my airplane seat and table, and in the rental car in Atlanta.

  4. Judy Schulmeister

    I have been using the BactroKill since Bactronix treated my house in July of 2014. It is a great cleaner and it kills all the germs. I also use in the shower where we always had mold. I like this product because it is not a poison like Clorox.

  5. Jody Stark

    This is a "must have" product in a household. It is like Tylenol or Asperin. You never know when you need it.

  6. Claudia Henderson

    I will not leave home without BactroKill. During the past few years I have been sick all the time. In December of 2014 I had my house Bactronized and I bought a few bottles of Bactrokill in the P3 format.
    I spray this on my hands before I go to public places, spray it on the shopping cart handle, in the cinema on the upper part of the seat and on the arm rests. My friends say that I am turning in to a germefobe but I don’t care. I have not been sick since I started using BactroKill.

  7. Susan Golden

    Two years ago I was introduced to BactroKill at the Home & Garden Show in Pittsburgh. I discarded all toxic cleaning materials and strictly use BactroKill and the Bactronix window cleaner. During this year’s H & G show I purchased 4 cans of Bactrokill and 3 cans of Window Cleaner # 304.

  8. Jackie Helm

    I called Bactronix for advise because we had a musty smell in the house. This was a very unusual experience because I got to talk to a rep named Matt that really knew his stuff. He advised me to purchase BactroKill and I did purchase a quart spray bottle and a gallon bottle for refills.
    This product is unbelievable. It took the musty stench out of my house and it has not come back. It is more than 2 weeks ago when I sprayed the kitchen and the pantry.
    Thanks Bactronix, you guys are good!

  9. Sasha Flink

    This is the only product I use for cleaning and disinfecting. I have severe allergies and this is the only product that does not effect me.

  10. Ann Meckenroe

    I was at a neighborhood make-up party when several ladies were talking about Bactronix and the contamination that exists in many beauty salons, hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, etc. That same evening I went on line, checked the Bactronix website and ordered a spray bottle of P3 that I now carry in my purse. I am a frequent flyer and spend many nights in hotels. I started using P3 in the airplane and also on the touch points in the hotels.
    Thanks neighbors, you got me hooked! I am pro-active now just like you.

  11. Adrian Camron

    We have two large dogs in the house that really smell badly after they run outside in wet grass or when it is humid outside. We use BactroKill that we spray in the bogs beds. What an amazing product, it really removes the odor from the dogs as well as their beds.

  12. Jay Collins

    Finally a product that does what it says. I had mold in my basement and no matter what I sprayed it kept coming back. I sprayed BactroKill on the moldy wall about two months ago and the mold has not come back.
    Thanks Bactronix for your advise over the phone.

  13. Jack Kamp

    My wife calls me Mr. Nature Man. I am always outside enjoying nature. We have an R.V. that we park behind the house and take out once or twice a month. Every time I pull it out and my wife starts stocking the refrigerator and brings in the linen, she complains about the moldy and musty smell. Over the years we have used gallons of Febreze and other deodorants but have never been able to eliminate the odor. Since early March of this year we have been using BactroKill. The odor is gone and my wife is very happy. You know the rule: "happy wife, happy life".

  14. Joe Stromeroski

    I never knew how mold can effect some once health until I got older and noticed I was short of breath.This problem only existed in my house, not at my son’s, daughter’s or friends homes.
    My neighbor had his house tested and treated by Bactronix and talked me into having my house tested. They found high levels of mold in my basement and in the duct system. Needless to say, I had my house Bactronized with BactroKill.
    Within 24 hours I noticed the difference. My breathing is back to normal and my son and daughter are complimenting me how fresh the house smells.
    I should buy stock in this company because I am advertising the Bactronizing process to all my friends and relatives.

  15. Janet Coulter

    My entire life I have been using Clorox for cleaning and disinfecting until my friend told me she had switched over to BactroKill from Bactronix. I am using the product for about a month and I noticed that I no longer have breathing problems when I am cleaning/disinfecting the bathrooms. I also noticed that the mold around the top perimeter of the bath tub is gone.
    I guess you are never to old to try something new and better!

  16. Jenny Rhodes

    My friend Rose carries P3 in her purse to spray on her hands for personal protection. Rose and I work in the same senior care facility. She says that she has not been sick since she started using it in April of last year. I called Bactronix to order two bottles of P3 and they referred me to the True Value hardware store in Coraopolis which is only two blocks from where I live.
    I am using the product for about a week and my hands are not as dry anymore since I stopped using Purell. It also puts my mind at ease because there are a lot of sick people in our home.

  17. Yvonne Vermeer

    I go to the gym every day to stay fit and healthy. I am also very conscious about germs and cross contamination and I don’t understand why gyms are not properly disinfected and why they always smell like a septic tank.
    As a precaution I have been using P3 Bactrokill to disinfect the touch point of the machines that I use during my work out. Again, I wish that the gym owner would be more pro-active.

  18. John Shone

    I saw the BactroKill commercial on KDKA, presented by Handy Andy, referring to the maintenance of the home furnace. I purchased a quart of the product and sprayed it on the new filter before I installed it. I like the idea that the BactroKill product kills the bacteria and mold that are collected on the filter.
    Having two small children I am very concerned about some of the mold that we have in the basement. My next step is to have Bactronix test and perhaps treat my basement.

  19. Anita Schults

    We had a terrible pet odor from our dogs in our family room. Last week we sprayed all furniture, carpets,lower parts of the walls, the dog beds and the new furnace filter with BactroKill and guess what, the odor is gone.First I thought it was just my imagination but my neighbors noticed it right away.
    Thank you Bactronix for this great product.

  20. Francis Polowski

    A few weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh at the realtor conference where I got introduced to the Bactronix disinfectant. I purchased the product, called BactroKill and I have been using it in my bathroom to kill the mold in the shower and around the top of the bathtub. The mold is gone and I happy to report that the product really works.

  21. Andy Hall

    Trick or treat…..smell my feet…..
    My wife has been complaining for years that I always have stinky feet. I started looking on the internet for a product that removes odor…bad odor!!!!! I landed on the Bactronix website and ordered a quart of BactroKill. This product is amazing. I spray a little bit in my shoes about once a week and my stinky feet are gone.

  22. Jim Slominski

    I own an apartment complex of 36 units. The basement units develop mold from time to time. For more than 20 years I have been using bleach until I discovered BactroKill. This product is fantastic. I spray it with my garden sprayer on the affected walls and let it dry. A day later I wipe off the dead mold and paint over it. No one in the building complaints anymore about stinky bleach odors and I get my job done quicker and better.

  23. Jay Roncone

    I have an old house with very poor ventilation. The basement wall are porous and the moist that comes through is causing mold. For years i used Clorox a couple times a year to scrub down the walls. Last year I started using BactroKill. The product is much more effective and lasts much longer than Clorox.On top of that it does not smell and is non-toxic.

  24. Fred Borgowski

    I was so glad to speak to one of your reps at the Pittsburgh Remodeling Show. He seemed very knowledgeable and provided great advise about a mold issue I am dealing with in my basement. I bought the BactroKill product and sprayed it on the effected wall. A day later I was able to wipe the dead mold off. I sprayed it again and let it air dry. The mold is gone and so is the musty smell.
    Thank you Bactronix, you have a great product.

  25. Robert Heringer

    I am a repeat customer of Bactronix. I spend a lot of time on my boat in Florida which from time to time develops mold due to the condensation caused by severe temperature fluctuations. For years I used Clorox until I discovered BactroKill. This product is not only non-toxic, it is much more effective and last much longer. I can have guests on my boat a half hour after treatment and no one will notice.
    I highly recommend BactroKill to all boat owners that have mold and odor issues.

  26. Laura Kessler

    My son is a student at Pitt and lived for two years in the new dorm. Recently he and three of his bodies rented an older home. I went to visit him last week and could not stand the odor in the place. Needless to say I went to Bactronix and purchased 4 bottles of BactroKill (one for each of them).This coming week I will make the delivery.
    I am just a very concerned Mom that is pro-active in protecting a bunch of young students.
    .I have heard so many good things about BactroKill.

  27. Jeremy Blokker

    The BactroKill product works great with no hassle fumes. I like the product because their is no mixing involved, ready to use and no odor.It has been a life saver for me to control the musty smell, mildew and odor in the old house that I and my family live in.;

  28. Yvonne Smoranovic

    This is a great product. It works like described in the testimonials. Hard to belief but true!
    I have 4 large dogs while our home is only 1900 square feet. I use BactroKill to spray inside their their beds and spray it on the surfaces (after clean-up) in case they have an accident. We don’t have pet odor in our house ( unless I don’t smell it anymore). BactroKill is non-toxic and it kills Parvovirus). It does not harm my dogs.

  29. Ann Lerang

    BactroKill is a great product.
    We recently bought a house and the previous owners had 3 dogs and 2 cats. Needless to say, the house smelled like a pet-farm. I bought 4 gallons of Bactrokill and my husband and I cleaned all ceramic and hardwood floors with this product. The day after, we could not believe the results. The odor was totally gone.
    I recommend this non-toxic product to anyone with pets that has a problem with odor.

  30. Angela Bonni

    About 3 weeks ago we had our house tested for mold and odor. There was surface mold on a few of the basement walls and the entire house smelled musty. Not only did we have mold in the basement, it had spread via the duct system throughout our entire house.
    We had prices from two other companies but Bactronix came accross as the most professional with the best pricing. They first cleaned the entire duct system and the HVAC furnace, then applied the two step electrostatic spray system in the duct-work and in the entire house. For about two days you could smell part of the treatment process but after that the house smelled like the outdoors, very fresh and neutral.
    My wife and I are very pleased with the end result and we are glad to have selected Bactronix.
    Our thanks go out to the sales rep and to the technicians. We also thank Angie’s list where we found the listing of Bactronix.
    Angela & Craig

  31. Nick Cleaver

    My dad suffered for a long time before be died in his home. After several weeks we put the house on the market through a realtor company. Potential buyers complaint about an odd odor in the house. Based on the real estate agent’s recommendation we had the entire house treated by Bactronix. What a difference that made! The house sold within 2 weeks thereafter. The Bactronix testing and treatment process was very affordable and the results were amazing.

  32. Stacy Crown

    Found Bactronix on the website while I was searching Angie’s List for a company that tests for mold. All other companies were charging hundreds of dollars while Bactronix offered testing at no charge. Vince, the sales representative from Bactronix explained the testing process an detail and was very thorough in testing multiple areas. He only found mold in the closet were the water meter is located.He informed me to purchase a quart of BactroKill at the local True Value Hardware Store and spray it in the entire closet, especially on the physical mold.
    Within 2 days the mold was gone and the odor was gone. For less than $ 30.00 my problem and concerns were taken care off.
    There are still honest companies and sales people that want to help you instead of ripping you of.
    Thanks Vince!

  33. John Matthews

    I am a property manager that manages and maintains residential units. For years I have been using bleach but the mold keeps coming back. My friend Harry introduced me to Bactrokill about 6 months ago.What a great product this is! It is non toxic and very effective on mold and the musty odor. I buy this product by the gallons and absolutely love it.

  34. Broody Thyson

    I am an EMT and worry about my own personal protection. The hospital does not provide products to protect EMT’s from patient’s contamination. I had several times that a patient directly vomited on me. That is the reason I buy BactroKill from Bactronix. The product kills all germs and it is non-toxic.
    I think all EMS owners should provide BactroKill to their technicians/nurses.

  35. Julia Rasmussen

    My one year old spilled milk next to the car seat on the fabric of the backseat. I did not notice this until the sour smell started to penetrate through the entire vehicle. I scheduled an appointment at Bactronix and had my van Bactronized. The product they used was BactroKill. It was sprayed electrostatic-ally throughout the entire vehicle and into the HVAC system. When I left Bactronix the odor was totally gone.Needless to say I bought a bottle of BactroKill for future accidents.
    Thank you Bactronix, your service was great and the result is even better.
    Julia Rasmussen

  36. Clara Gillis

    For the past two years I have been fighting rashes and allergies.Two weeks ago I had my house Bactronized by Bactronix. The Bactronix test report showed high levels of contamination due to mold. For cleaning and disinfecting I purchased 2 spray bottles of BactroKill and through out all the Bleach related products. My house smells fresh and I feel good about using this non-toxic product. The best part is that my rashes and allergies are gone. I hope to keep it this way.

  37. Sean Martin

    Last week I had my house tested and treated by Bactronix for mold and musty odor. Upon completion the technician asked me to submit a review for the Bactronix website. Well here it is:
    George, the lead technician was very professional, on time and did a great job. I liked the spray technology and the fact that they test before and after treatment.
    The mold and odor is gone but I am about $ 900.00 lighter. I like the process and the professionalism but I think the price is rather high. I also like the product they used (BactroKill) because it is non-toxic and safe for my children and dog.

  38. Larry Owen

    I have a boat that I take to the river point at the weekends. My wife and kids like boating but they always complaint about the musty smell inside the cabin. I sprayed a few weeks in a row some Bleech but the odor keeps coming back. My wife is also concerned about the chemicals in Bleech. I did some research and found a local hardware store (True Value) that sells BactroKill. I have sprayed it twice in the cabin and the odor is gone.

  39. Ryan Crysack

    I have been using BactroKill for almost 3 years. My house is in the North Hills but I work in Robinson Twp. I used to go to the Bactronix main office to purchase the product but I was glad to see that the True Value stores carry the full product line. Each time I exchange the filter of the HVAC system, I spray the new filter with BactroKill. This kills the germs that accumulate on the filter and stops the spreading of the germs though the duct system. My wife uses it to disinfect the "touch points" in the house and to disinfect the kitchen counters.
    We love the product because it is non-toxic and save around our cats.

  40. Theresa Holmes

    I swear by the BactroKill product. I carry a small spray bottle in my purse and I use it at home for disinfecting frequent touch points. I also spray it on the dog when he smells bad.

  41. Jim Seture

    I was glad to see Bactronix at The Home & Garden Show. I purchased a few bottles of BactroKill that I use for different purposes. Each time I replace the filter of the HVAC system I spray the filter before I install it. I also use BactroKill to spray inside the bed of my dog, to kill his bad odor. Finally, I use BactroKill to treat mold in my bathroom and in the basement.
    I love this multi-purpose product and on top of all, IT IS NON_TOXIC.

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Paul on 01-31-2020 12:22 PM
Amazing product... Now a household necessity.
Erika on 03-05-2020 09:22 AM
I truly am thankful that this product exists on the market. We have purchased this for our home to help with my husband's bad animal and mold allergies. Not only has he noticed a huge difference with how he feels but we also now use the travel size to bring on airplanes and to the office to protect ourselves (especially now during flu season). I have had much more peace of mind knowing I am protecting our home and myself with this product.
Katie on 03-21-2020 06:34 AM
I saw this through Ambridge Do It Best’s social media and decided to give it a try. I have 2 small children and I have been using this since January to help keep illnesses down in my home. Now, loving it even more with everything going on with COVID 19.
Dave Hartman on 04-17-2020 10:42 PM
This safe and great product if you have not tryed it you should.
Nick Z on 06-06-2020 07:01 PM
Excellent! I put the product in a small spray bottle for trips to the market, for cleaning my hands, etc. Highly recommended.
GracePointe Church on 07-20-2020 01:53 PM
Excellent product. Easy to apply using fogger/electrostatic misters. Very effective & safe. Would highly recommend to organizations looking for a product to sanitize their facilities!
Jack Schultz on 10-30-2020 12:02 PM
I heard about BactroKill on the radio and purchased a quart spray bottle. This was about a year ago.
Now, my wife, parents, in laws, friends, they all carry a small spray bottle in their car or in their purse to disinfect against the Corona Virus. This is a fantastic product to help protect yourself.
Dave on 02-13-2021 07:39 AM
We bought this for our gym but use this in our entire house. The fact that it’s eco friendly allows us to use it around our dog and kids! Will continue to buy as long as they make it.
Jack Hovinger on 05-19-2021 03:39 PM
My wife and I always carried a spray bottle of BactroKill in our cars and we had a bottle on the kitchen sink. we sprayed it on our hands and on the common touch points in the house, like door knobs, light switches, toilet flushers, faucets, etc.
Great product, especially during the Corona pandemic. Easy to order on line.
Thank you Bactronix!
Sandy Orient on 06-07-2021 11:02 AM
Purchased BactroKill the first time during the peak of the pandemic in July of 2020. Since that time I have been using the product to disinfect all touch points in my house and in my car. I even have a bottle at work and disinfect all touch points once a week. When I go grocery shopping I spray my hands.
I believe in being pro-active and BactroKill is keeping me safe!
Sandy Orient
Jason Heckel on 06-23-2021 09:56 AM
Heard about the product on the Handy Andy show about a year ago. Have been using it ever since to disinfect all touch points in the house and every month treat a new HVAC filter before I install it.
Before BactroKill we used 4 different types of disinfectants, now we only use BactroKill.
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