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Bactronix was selected  as one of the top 50 franchises in the United States.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Partner with America’s most advanced microbial control company.

Meeting a national demand

National awareness and concerns pertaining to super bugs, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and VOCs have accelerated the demand for the Bactronizing process which is exclusive to the Bactronix Corporation and includes several patented products that are delivered through a state-of-the-art atomizing electrostatic process.Bactronix Corp. is specialized in measuring, testing, treating and certifying homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. This diversified mix of markets provides a platform for our franchisees to develop and grow their business. The Bactronizing® treatment effectively reduces mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses and bad odors. Bactronizing is a highly effective, environmentally friendly process that uses hospital grade disinfectants. Our products are EPA registered. Bactronix has a great name, reputation, affordable prices, and superior customer service, which lead to very satisfied customers.

U.S. revenues for sanitizing and disinfecting companies are projected to increase substantially every year. To prepare, Bactronix has developed a franchise model for entrepreneurs interested in utilizing our industry’s growth period. Now is the time to partner with a trusted and established brand!

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Support System

Bactronix offers training programs and on-going support for all of our franchisees to help grow their business. Our support system is consistent throughout the lifetime of our partnership and we assist our franchisees every step of the way. The support available ranges from: Operational, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Legal & Continuous Research and Development.


When you join the Bactronix team you have the choice of a new start-up business or you can convert your current cleaning company to be under the Bactronix umbrella. When you join the Bactronix team you will be given an exclusive territory with a population of one million people to develop. Bactronix is always looking for expansion opportunities in new markets!

Your Return on Investment

Guided by the right owner operator, Bactronix has a strong potential roi for units located in any region. With reasonable overhead and low startup cost for microbial control business, the concept is financially sound. We of course will not be guaranteeing any success or levels of profitability, but with a large margin for error, a franchisee can be much less effective than we would project and still have a successful business.

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  • Removing the Biological Footprint
  • Fighting the Invisible Enemy®
  • Quality Air Care
  • Mold Protection
  • Bactronizing Process


  • Strong Sales and Client Service Abilities
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management
  • High Personal Standards
  • Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements
  • Strong Sense of Integrity in Corporate and Client Relationships
  • A Willingness and Commitment to Excellent Service
  • Capable of Testing and Generating Client Reports
  • Targeted experiences for potential franchise owners may include:
  • Franchise Operations or Hospitality Service Industry Experience
  • Business Owner and/or Managerial Experience
  • Entrepreneurial team who wants to start a business

Environmentally Friendly Sanitization3

A ground floor opportunity

We have opportunities now for ambitious, motivated entrpreneurs to join us as we expand the Bactronix franchise across the nation, delivering a product that has been a long time coming but is finally here. Be a part of it!

Franchise Locations

 Central PA

P.O. Box 97
New Betlehem, PA 16242
Phone: 1-866-797-2951
Fax: 814-275-2111

 Southwest PA

101 Bertley Ridge Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108
Phone: 888-817-1326
Fax: 1-888-817-1326


P.O. Box 552
Columbiana, OH 44408
Phone: 1-800-975-6926

The Grand Strand

856 Carolina Farms Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC  29579
Phone: 843-282-7777
Fax:  843-796-5000


PO Box 23412, 
Pittsburgh,  PA 15222
Phone: 844-45-Haiti


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